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Looking for something to spice up your life? Then skim through the articles in our Bucket List and discover awesome things you definitely need to do before you die. Even if you’re not able to do all of it you can still sit back, relax and have an entertaining and fun read.

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  • Fanfiction

    Fan fiction

    January 10, 2018

    Have you ever read a book that became much more than just a book? That smells like home every time you open it and immediately transports you back into a familiar world where everything is as it should be? This article is about what happens after “happy ever after”. A reader’s problems I [...]
  • My_American_Christmas__Elisa_Kirchmeier.__3
    That’s at least what I thought. But it turned out that there are quite a lot of differences even in the most basic Christmas traditions. I was lucky to be able to spend last year’s Christmas with my friends and their families in California and I was really surprised about my American Christmas [...]
  • sweatpalmspic

    Sweaty Palms

    December 6, 2017

    Have you ever been in a situation that made you wish you could just vanish into thin air? I bet you have. I bet it was something really embarrassing, something that just went wrong in every conceivable way, with you at its centre. Well, I’m not in such a situation. But that feeling… Yeah, [...]
  • Poland-Germanyball
    Cześć, nazywam się Ola, urodzona jako Warszawianka, a wychowana w Niemczech. Spędziłam w tym dość dziwnym kraju większość mojego życia i niektorych rzeczy do dzisiaj nie udało mi się pojąć. Nie jestem do końca pewna czy ktokolwiek będzie czytał moje powstające wypociny, w razie [...]
  • fortune_picture1__
    It’s impossible not to see the fear on the woman’s face. Her eyes are wide open and tears are trickling down her cheeks. But why? With a bit of a weird feeling, I look around the place. I’m at a colourful market where hundreds of busy people bustle among the booths. However, in a dark corner, [...]