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No plans for the weekend yet? In this section you’ll find out about the cool stuff that’s going on in and around Augsburg: The topics are diverse, anything goes: Plays, festivals, events, trends… We keep you posted about things you could do.

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  • brecht.1
    I. Don’t drive a nail into the wall, Throw your coat on the chair. Why plan for four days? You will return tomorrow. Leave the small tree without water. Why plant another tree? Before it grows as high as a step, You will be glad to get away from here. Pull your hat down tight when someone passes [...]
  • Fasching
    I always feel like a stranger in my hometown Füssen in the Allgäu. The reason for this is simple: Fasching, the traditional carnival in southern Germany. But thankfully, the Fasching euphoria in Füssen is rather moderate compared to the villages surrounding it, like Buching, Hopferau and so on, [...]
  • Herz-Schwäbisch
    “I hol mer zerscht mol en Kaffee in dr Kafede, sonschd schlof I glei wieder ei.” If you hear this at university in the morning, you might not understand it as a non-Swabian. Of course, there’s a wide spectrum of dialects in Germany, some of which aren’t easy for outsiders. Since our noble [...]
  • exams
    At the moment, I‘m in the middle of the worst phase of the semester: yes, you got it, the exam phase. But I have a few ideas about how to survive!  Read on! 1. Take care of yourself Try to eat nutritious food! Of course, a bar of chocolate can lift your mood and kick-start the brain; [...]
  • sled

    What a feast!

    January 11, 2017

    Everyone celebrating Christmas knows the struggle. You do one thing on the days between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve: eating. No matter if it’s traditional stuff like roast, gravy and dumplings or more fancy dinners; it’s all about food. Little helpers Magazines, fitness tutorials and [...]